Warrior Packs delivers approachable, results-oriented fitness camps to Calgarians

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 4, 2016 CALGARY, ALBERTA – Warrior Packs, a Calgary-based fitness company, is committed to helping people of all physical capabilities achieve their goals through team inspired workouts that are designed to improve overall health, while enjoying a friendly atmosphere. Tailored for busy professionals and parents, Warrior Packs offers a wide-ranging schedule of 60 and 90-minute indoor and outdoor sessions that are scaled to individual abilities for guaranteed full-body conditioning. Each session is custom planned by skilled coaches who incorporate a variety of cardio, core and resistance circuit training to keep the workouts fresh and to eliminate plateauing results. “Speaking from my own experience of yoyo fitness and dieting over the years, I know how important it is to find a fitness regime that has longevity and that is actually enjoyable,” says Arlene Reid, CEO of Warrior Packs. “With Warrior Packs you get a brand new routine with every workout, leading to optimal overall physical fitness, high engagement and the thrill of achieving personal results amongst a group of supportive peers.” Warrior Packs is built on the philosophy that working out as a group has significantly more benefits than working out individually, which is why each of its coaches is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and encouragement. The coaches also work with individual members to understand any physical limitations and to ensure that they can still achieve fitness results. “Warrior Packs’ outdoor sessions are highly addictive because of how much variety there is in the exercises and in the equipment we use,” says Cory Houston, who joined Warrior Packs in May. “I haven’t felt this physically and mentally fit from any other fitness routine I’ve tried and the most motivating part is that there are people in the classes from all walks of life, cheering each other on and wanting to see each other succeed.” To encourage Calgarians to achieve their fitness goals in an environment that is fun, supportive and accessible for everyone, Warrior Packs is giving away complimentary 7 – day passes. Visit us at http://warriorpacks.ca/free-pass/ to claim your pass. About Warrior Packs Established in 2010, Warrior Packs is targeted at improved total-body conditioning, high caloric burn, improved muscle endurance, strength and power, improved agility and coordination, improved speed, the chance to work with and get familiar with different types of equipment, and the stimulating social aspect of the energy of group training, in which members receive the special attention of personal training. The Warrior Packs Mission: Getting healthy is about having fun and building a sense of community. Warrior Packs creates a fun and engaging environment for people to participate in physical activity. We work in a team environment and create a sense of community as people reach their individual and team goals. Learn more at www.warriorpacks.ca Warrior Packs Founder and media contact: Arlene Reid amreid@warriorpacks.ca (403) 462-5807

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