I loved this workout

I loved this workout and cannot wait to go back. I box regularly so finding something that is a challenge can sometimes be difficult as gyms often underestimate you. These guys let me work at my pace, which sometimes was keeping up with them and others a little behind. I would absolutely recommend this to someone who is looking to get to that next level in their training, or even someone who just wants to get out and do something that makes them feel pumped.


Accommodates All Skill Levels

Just finished cardio week with Warrior Packs. Logged over 40km and over 700m of elevation gain on trails, hills and pathways while learning proper running techniques!!! Great week with great instruction in a positive environment that accommodates all skill levels. Looking forward to continuing my training on Monday. Thanks Warrior Packs for the great week!!


Best workout in my life

Incredible! Best workout in my life. Everyone at every fitness level gets a great workout. It's designed this way through teamwork with original, creative workouts and goals. A dedicated, knowledgeable instructor who demands the best from everyone. I'm hooked.


Fun to train

This program is great for training for Sin 7! It is challenging at the start but it complements the requirements of the S7 event very well. Not only is it fun to train for because there are several other warriors who are training for the same event, but the atmosphere becomes more like a family because of the common goal. I have run this race four times and had a 'great time' every year thanks to hard work and the active training with Warrior Packs.


Improved my running

Warrior Packs and Zeke Ezequiel Quian really improved my running. The improvement in my core strength really benefited my running. I highly recommend the program for runners.


Sinister 7 Prep

Warrior Packs is the perfect way to prepare for Sin 7, I've been training with them for years and there's no doubt it's exposed me to any sort of trail condition I would come across in the race itself (and then some!)


Highly Addictive

Warrior Packs’ outdoor sessions are highly addictive because of how much variety there is in the exercises and in the equipment we use, I haven’t felt this physically and mentally fit from any other fitness routine I’ve tried and the most motivating part is that there are people in the classes from all walks of life, cheering each other on and wanting to see each other succeed.


Sticking With It

Warrior Packs training is the first fitness regime I’ve actually stuck with – I’m not sure whether it’s the trainers enthusiasm at creating fun, unique exercises for us to tackle or the incorporation of brain busting activities but I’m hooked!

Call Warrior Packs

I have used more sandbags over the years than I care to remember! None of them could handle the abuse my community and I threw at them.  The Warrior Packs Sandbag has stood up to the abuse of my clients with no fraying or squirting sand all over my rubber floor. If you want one for cheap, you can make your own but expect to make it again within a few months... If you want to get a durable product that lasts, call the Warrior Packs Team.

Fitter and Stronger

After just a few weeks of training I’ve noticed that I’m more toned, fitter and stronger than I have been in a long while. I really appreciate Warrior Packs sandbag Training as it provides me with a fun group atmosphere and a well-balanced fitness program that’s well worth the money.