Warrior Packs is all about getting fit together. While joining a fitness group can seem daunting to some, from the moment that your instructor greets you at your first class you’ll be made to feel like part of the team and in a matter of minutes you’ll be drawing strength from and having fun with your teammates. At Warrior Packs we focus on movement, nutrition and regeneration, all in one place to improve your quality of life!

Class Class Length Days Start Time (AM) Start Time (PM) Monthly Notes
 Level 1 - Believe 60 Minutes M,W,F 6:00 AM  $144  Outdoor - 12 Sessions
 Level 1 - Believe 60 Minutes M,W 6:00 PM  $144  Outdoor - 12 Sessions
 Level 2 - Excel 90 Minutes M,W,F 5:30 AM  $180  Outdoor - 12 Sessions
 Level 2 - Excel 90 Minutes M,W 5:30 PM  $180  Outdoor - 12 Sessions
 Level 1/2 - Instinct 90 Minutes M,T,W,Th,F 5:30 AM  $180  Indoor*/Outdoor - Unlimited
 Level 1/2 - Instinct 90 Minutes T,Th 5:30 AM  $120  Indoors* Only - 8 Sessions
 G.R.I.T. - Cardio 90 Minutes M,T,W,Th,F 5:30 AM 5:30 PM  $140  5 Sessions
 G.R.I.T. - Strength 90 Minutes M,T,W,Th,F 5:30 AM 5:30 PM  $140  5 Sessions
  • There are no initiation or membership fees required to workout with us.
  • Your monthly cost depends on how many classes you plan to attend per month and the number of months you commit to up front.
  • Class space is limited, so it’s important to let us know in advance what class(es) you would like to attend.
  • Classes are billed at the beginning of each month. If you start in the middle of the month, we prorate the cost accordingly.
  • Please note: Our Tuesday and Thursday classes are held indoors at a local gym (The Jungle, 601 17 AVE SW). There is an extra $50.00/month flat rate charge for using the facility.
Service Session Length 1 Pack 5 Pack 10 Pack
One-on-one 60 Minutes $98 $92 $87
One-on-one 30 Minutes $60 $55 $50
Couples 60 Minutes $60/pp $55/pp $50/pp
Couples 30 Minutes $40/pp $35/pp $30/pp
Travel Surcharge $40
    Important Notes:
  • Prices are per session; e.g. 10 Pack costs $870.00.
  • Prices do not include tax.
Service Session Length Details Rate
One-on-one 90 Minutes Nutritional assessment and customized eating plan $220
Follow up 30 Minutes Review and assessment  during 12 week program completion $40
Follow up 60 Minutes Review and assessment  after 12 week program completion $100
 Group 120 Minutes Includes body composition testing plus follow-up test $120/pp
    Important Notes:
  • Prices do not include tax.
  • There are no make-up classes or credits for missed classes.
  • Members receive a log in to Mind Body Online to book their classes. You can reserve in advance for the days and times you prefer. You can cancel and re-book reservations up to 24 hours in advance. Inside of 24 hours your membership will be deducted for the class.
  • Classes are non-transferable.
  • Classes have participant limits, please sign up in advance to reserve a spot.