“Guess who’s sponsoring Sinister 7 this year?”

If you’re participating (or listed as an alternate) in the Sinister 7 race this year here’s something you might find useful… Warrior Packs is an outdoor fitness company and this year we’re sponsoring the Sinister 7 Ultra. And as part of our sponsorship we’re hosting the Leg 1 and Leg 7 spring training runs here in Calgary. We participate in this event with our clients and know exactly what you need to do to get ready, and have a great time on race day. If you’re not participating in the Sinister 7 you can still attend the Spring Training run or our boot camps to get fit in the great outdoors. Visit us at www.warriorpacks.ca/run/ to sign up!

Edworthy Park Fitness Boot Camps

Winters over and it’s time to come out of hibernation! We just wrapped up the winter session of Warrior Packs boot camp classes at Edworthy and if you took part here’s a quick note to say thank you for your support and dedication! If you spent the last 6 months using the cold weather as your reason for not exercising - it's time to come back to Warrior Packs. We spent the downtime brain-storming dozens of new and exciting ways to get you into shape. We’ve also added some new Members and Instructors who would love to meet you! With Summer just around the corner, you’ll want to feel and look your best - Warrior packs can help you do this. Visit us at www.warriorpacks.ca/register/ now to see details of our new (beginner & ladies only) and upcoming boot camps at Edworthy Park. Can’t wait to see you.


Warrior Packs is excited to announce that we are diving into the world of running! For the first time ever we are offering “Run Right,” a program dedicated to helping you learn to run better, faster, and smarter. Whether you are running for overall fitness or preparing for a race, Warrior Packs has a program to meet your needs. Learn to Run Beginning a running program can be daunting, which is why Warrior Packs came up with our “Learn to Run” portion of “Run Right.” For some, running feels natural and comes easily. For others, running requires technique and training just to get started. Participants will learn techniques to help them prepare for running, helpful movements to maintain throughout running, and how to cool your body down post run. Learning to run requires dedication and a commitment to yourself, and your body, and a refusal to give up. “Learn to Run” will equip you with tools to help stay motivated to run. 5 - 10KM Preparing for a 5 or 10KM race is a completely different running experience. This is why we are offering a separate class for those interested in running 5KM-10KM’s races. Typically, race preparation begins about six to ten weeks prior to the running event. Warrior Packs is offering to help you prepare for 5k and 10k races today. We will start with many of the simple techniques learned in “Learn to Run,” but will quickly expand to include running on different terrain and conditions. It’s better than a race training plan because you are training with other people, and with trainers full of helpful knowledge. We will help build you up by the time your race date arrives. Half to Full Marathon Much like you would prepare for a 5k-10k, half and full marathons require even more practice and dedication. A Half Marathon is a total of 21KM's, and a Full Marathon or almost 42KM's. If you’re preparing for a Half or Full Marathon you may already be regretting your choice to participate. 42 Kilometres is a long way to go, especially when you’re running so many kilometres in preparation. This is why Warrior Packs also provides training for Full and Half Marathons because they only way to help pass the time is to do it with others. Extra focus will be placed on running for distance, and less on duration. Half and Full Marathon training programs should be started 12+ weeks prior to the race date, so if you intend to sign up for a Half or Full Marathon, contact Warrior Packs today. Ultra An Ultra is not your typical race. Although it involves running for a long distance, it also includes a series of natural obstacles, like creeks and bogs, branches and trees, the potential for inclement weather an big angry furry animals :) This year, Warrior Packs is sponsoring the Sinister 7 Ultra and will provide training for those preparing for the race. Warrior Packs’ outdoor program will help prepare race participants for those upcoming weather conditions. Our cross training method of incorporating running and strength fitness will prepare you to take on the Sinister 7 Ultra by storm! It doesn’t matter where you are in your training program, or whether you are even training for anything. If you are ready to start running today, Warrior Packs will help you get there.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle: Take Care of the Mind and Body

Exercise and a healthy diet are the initial stepping stones to leading a healthy lifestyle. Most people are unaware of a third vital aspect of maintaining heath. Taking care of your mind is the final piece to Leading a Healthy Lifestyle. This can include everything from visiting the doctor regularly, to developing healthy hobbies and taking time for meditation or reflection. This article will highlight those things you might be missing and discuss some interesting ways to de-stress, and relax that you may be unaware of. Meditate When most people think of meditation they picture someone sitting cross-legged, chanting “om,” and attempting to float in the air. Meditation is often misconstrued as something silly and a waste of time. In reality, there are multiple forms of meditation and its best if you try each one for 10 days before settling on one. All meditation requires is your concentration, therefore, It can be done seated, standing, laying down, or walking. Focus on breathing in and out calmly to allowing your lungs to fully fill with oxygen. Those who want to can take it a step further and repeat a mantra. It doesn’t have to be anything outlandish, but just something that you want to remind yourself. If you prefer to sit or lay down with your eyes closed you could consider the imagery technique. Guided imagery sessions can be downloaded online. They are typically short stories or scenarios meant to conjure positive feelings. Follow this link to learn more about guided imagery and for a sample of a session: http://www.healthjourneys.com/Main/Home/What-Is-Guided-Imagery/. Regular meditation of about 20 minutes a few times per week has proven to help reduce stress, which supports low blood pressure and boosts your immune system. In addition to the physical benefits, meditation helps provide emotional stability, increases happiness and improves concentration. It can be done by yourself or as a group activity, and as noted it comes in different forms. Healthy Hobbies There’s a wide variety of “healthy” hobbies out there for you to pursue as well. Having a hobby, or doing something outside of your normal duties allows you to break away from the monotony of life. Some people consider exercise to be their hobby and that’s great, but it’s important to realize that exercise should be a component of your regular routine. Whereas a hobby will break you away from your regular routine. Hobbies should be a healthy outlet where you can enjoy time by yourself or with others, doing something productive, but fun. Some hobbies to keep you moving could include outdoor activities like hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, surfing, snowboarding, skiing, or even walking. You could also join a local sports team. Sports aren’t just for your kids. Grab a few friends, or do it as a family and create a your own team. The nice thing about recreational leagues is they typically only last for a few weeks and games are once or twice per week. It allows you to try something new without making a long term commitment. For those who spend their days up and about, and just want a hobby where they can sit for a little bit, try to choose activities that challenge the mind. Colouring books have become a new fad. You may have tried to avoid falling into the colouring book trap, but you should give in! Colouring books are therapeutic, in that they have the potential to help reduce anxiety and encourage focus and creativity. The same thing goes for puzzles like Sudoku, jig saw puzzles, and sewing. If you’re ever experiencing a rough time one of these hobbies could help provide you with enough mental clarity to see you through. They can also serve as alternatives to meditation, so if you’re looking to calm your mind but don’t want to meditate one of those activities might be for you. There are so many different productive hobbies out there it might be difficult to decide. If you’re struggling to choose think about your lifestyle. Which activity or activities would be conducive to the time you have? Do you like to be moving or sitting still? Or a combination of both? Do you prefer solitary activities or activities with others? Your hobby should match your personality and interests, otherwise you won’t find it enjoyable. Time with Others Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert it is essential to spend a balanced amount of time alone and with others. Spending time with friends and family provides support and connectedness that you cannot achieve alone. Time with others can be spent incorporating any of the previously discussed healthy hobbies or yoga, therefore you can have your cake and eat it too. Those that spend regular time with others, even if only for an hour or less, tend to be more at peace with themselves. Being with others allows you to discuss things going on in your life and can provide a distraction to concerns you think about all day long. It can help break your routine, which for some is a refreshing change of pace to a stale day or week. Spending time with friends can help you stay on track with weight loss goals, keep you socially connected and happier overall. Loneliness is a leading factor in depression, which can lead to other preventable illnesses. Take some time out to be with others, just as you would carve the time out for yourself. Restorative Yoga One of the more common ways people like to wind down is through Yoga. There are many different forms of yoga including “Anusara” (for the beginner), “Ashtanga” (more rigorous), “Bikram” (follows a series of 26 poses throughout the entire class), “Hatha” (gentle version of pose sequences you might experience in “Ashtanga” or “Bikram”), “Vinyasa” (more common and refers to a flowing movement of pre-choreographed classes), “Iyengar” (closer attention to alignment and use of props), and finally Restorative Yoga (yoga without exertion). Restorative Yoga is believed to be more rejuvenating than taking a nap. While you may like your normal yoga class which most likely features movements from “Ashtanga” or “Vinyasa”, mix up the routine a bit with some Restorative Yoga. Not only do you feel rejuvenated after the class, but it allows you to slow down and add pace to your life. Without the focus on poses and sequences, Restorative Yoga really allows the participant to relax, which slows down the nervous system to help alleviate stress. In addition, it allows for some self-reflect and mindfulness. During a class you have the ability to create awareness of yourself and your body, which could lead to the discovery of unnoticed injuries or pain that you ignored throughout your busy week. Not sure which type of yoga is for you? Check out Giam’s guide to the different styles of yoga here. Select the one that will enjoy the most and don’t be afraid to try them all! Counselling Just like spending time with others is important because it allows you to communicate thoughts and feelings, sometimes you need to take it a step further. Counselling is a good way to process those emotions that could be contributing to stress, high blood pressure, and other preventable illnesses. Although it is good to spend time with friends and family discussing what’s going on in your life and sharing your feelings, constant communication of a negative kind can wear on your relationships. This is why counselling is a good option for some to maintain better mental, and physical health. Counselling isn’t necessarily therapy, it can include seeking advice, a sounding board or even pursuing a life coach to guide you through some difficult decision making. Stress isn’t always brought on by huge life decisions. Those little every day pains can add up and make a larger impact on people. Counselling can assist in processing those emotions, and help to work through them in a productive way. Your counsellor can also help hold you accountable for goals and help you find your purpose. If you just need someone to talk to they are there for that too. Counselling is a way to maintain good mental and spiritual health. See the Doctor Finally, as important as it is to spend time doing things you enjoy like spending time with family and friends, attending yoga classes, or participating in any of your healthy hobbies, it is equally as important to visit the doctor regularly. Be proactive about your health! Have annual checkups to ensure that your body is responding to the exercise, healthy eating and additional techniques you utilize to de-stress and take care of yourself. At a certain age it is crucial to also go through preventative screenings that can detect diseases. Some examples include: mammograms, colonoscopies, etc. that detect cancer and other abnormalities. Annual visits to the doctor go much more smoothly if you know what to expect. Make sure to arrive prepared. This means that you should jot down and discuss any and all questions or concerns you have to your doctor. It’s better to get it all out in one appointment than have to make another one later. Finally, if you know of family history illnesses make sure to get yourself checked out for symptoms. Act before and not after to ensure that you are taking proper care of your body. Your mind controls your body, emotions, and ultimately your health. There are many healthy ways to spend your time that increase your mental health. Bring together all three aspects of Leading a Healthy Lifestyle and you will see a major difference in your overall health. The right amount of regular exercise, a proper diet, and attention to the health of your mind will assist in longevity and the ability to live the life you want to live as you age. Do it and see for yourself!

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle: Fuel the Body for Success

The second most important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves how you fuel your body. The first article in the Leading a Healthy Lifestyle trilogy discussed the importance of exercise and the variety of ways you can maintain a regular exercise regimen while holding yourself accountable. Now it’s time to discuss how to hold yourself accountable for what you put in your body. The Canadian Food Guide recommends that females 19-50 years of age consume 7-8 vegetables and fruits, 6-7 grain products, 2 milk and alternatives, and 2 meat and alternatives per day. For males ages 19-50 the recommended consumption is 8-10 fruits and vegetables, 8 grain products, 2 milk and alternatives, and 3 meat and alternatives per day. If you haven’t seen the recommended guidelines you can visit the Health Canada website to see how you compare. As you read this article you are probably thinking that you’ve not eaten along Canada’s recommended food guidelines. Either you are eating too little or too much. The Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology created a Canadian Obesity Report in March of this year. The committee found that the majority of Canadians do not following the food guidelines set forth in 2007. Rather, there has been an increase in consumption of processed, ready-to-eat and snack foods contributing to obesity, and less of the natural non-processed foods. If you’d like to see the results of the study and their recommended changes here. Your body is a temple, so treat it like one. Just as it’s crucial to make time to exercise, it’s even more important to pay mind to what you eat. Pre-packed ready-to-eat foods are not the way to go. Full of additives, sugar and unnecessary oils, pre-packaged and prepared foods just contribute to increased fat and weight gain. The best way to eat is to cook at home from scratch, with simple ingredients. This way you know exactly what you’re putting in your body and what you’re feeding your family. Turn your favorite recipes into healthier versions of themselves. There are a variety of ways to incorporate superfoods into things you are currently making at home. Black beans provide an excellent source of protein and can be used in place of flour. Other flour alternatives include the simple wheat flour substitute, coconut flour and nut flour or meal. Nut meal is a fancy way of saying ground nuts. If you have a food processor or really good blender you can make your own meal by just putting the nuts in the food processor and grinding them into a fine mixture. Sugar is always a tough one to substitute, but is also the most addictive component of many processed foods. Rather than using sugar try vanilla extract, stevia, unsweetened apple sauce, all natural honey or maple syrup. It typically won’t taste as sweet, but the effect is still the same. If you don’t want to use processed apple sauce you can make your own in a food processor or blender by just grinding the apples to your preferred thickness. There are many copycat substitutes out there for the ever dreaded butter, but margarine and the tubs of butter in the store can be even worse for you. It might sound strange to try mashed avocados or bananas in place of butter, however they are used as alternatives in a variety of recipes. Canola oil is another fat, like butter, that can be replaced with other things. If a recipe calls for canola oil try coconut or flax seed oil instead. When baking try replacing oil with Greek yogurt or applesauce, which is even better than using a different type of oil. Speaking of Greek yogurt, what a great replacement Greek yogurt can be for things like sour cream and mayonnaise. For those who don’t eat either sour cream or Greek yogurt you would never be able to tell the difference. Greek yogurt can replace items like sour cream and mayonnaise in potato, tuna and chicken salad recipes. Continuing with dairy, evaporated milk and unsweetened almond or coconut milks are a good alternatives to cream and heavy cream. Use evaporated, unsweetened almond, or unsweetened coconut milk in your sauces, coffee, tea, etc.… For those chocolate lovers out there just make a smart choice. Choose dark chocolate or cocoa nibs instead of milk chocolate, and maybe add a handful of almonds or dried fruit. Just because you have a sweet tooth doesn’t mean you have to cut it out, it just means you have to be more strategic about your choices. If you believe you already eat healthy, but can’t seem to get your weight under control or you are feeling sluggish, you may be forgetting one key thing. What you might be forgetting are those sauces and condiments that typically contribute to your daily intake of sugar and unhealthy fats. Salad dressings, pasta sauces, sauces on chicken and fish all contribute to your daily caloric intake. There is no need to worry that you have to dump the sauce! If you have children you might know how difficult it is to get them to eat healthy and how that can contribute to your unhealthy diet. There are ways to foods with better ingredients and you’re kids (or spouse) won’t notice. For example, check out this Fettuccini Alfredo recipe from the Food Network. The recipe utilizes Cauliflower in the sauce to add vegetables, while still maintaining taste. Other ways to “hide veggies” so they taste better is to put them into things you already like. For example, throw in a handful of fresh or frozen spinach or kale to a smoothie. Make sure to really grind it in with the rest of the ingredients to disguise the flavour and consistency. You can also add veggies to your omelettes, or make a frittata with veggies like peppers, spinach, broccoli and onions. Some vegetables can also substitute for noodles. Spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles are of the most common choices. You can also mask vegetables in casseroles, burgers and meatloaves. Chop them up finely so that they stir into the mixture evenly. The added spices will help distract you from the fact that veggies are already in there. If you enjoy vegetables then these ideas for hiding veggies are just a plus for some of your favourite recipes! Track What You Eat One of the easiest ways to ensure you eat the correct amount of each recommended daily serving from all of the food group is to track what you eat. Although it sounds tedious there are different tools that help guide you through the process. The simplest tracker can be found here on the Health Canada website. The EATracker mobile app or website, or My Fitness Pal mobile app are virtual ways to track your intake of food if you don’t want to keep a physical journal or log book. Not only does tracking your food provide you with a realistic idea of what you eat every day, it also provides accountability. Tracking your food is somewhat like regulation. If you can see what you’ve eaten for the day then you know which foods, and how much of each food group you will need to eat throughout the rest of the day. In addition, tracking allows you to visualize goals. Especially in the instance of trying to lose weight. The ability to see yourself meet a goal is invaluable. Or if you have yet to set a goal, begin with tracking your food to make the goals more realistic and attainable. Do you want to avoid being one of Canada’s poor food choice related statistics? If so, Warrior Packs can help! In addition to our outdoor boot camps and personal training we also feature nutrition counselling. Our supportiveness extends beyond our boot camp classes and onto your dinner plate. We don’t believe in judgement, deprivation, punishment, guilt or, all-or-nothing rules. Our nutrition counselling reinforces current skills, so that you can break free from dieting rules to move toward a more natural, balanced, self-led form of nourishing your body. Our motto for food is: eat what you like, learn to moderate certain foods and make informed food decisions. Whether you are looking for some advice or you are completing revamping your diet our nutrition counselling services can help. Contact us today to learn more about how our nutrition counselling could help you improve upon your eating habits. Make smart choices and your body will thank you for it! Take these food related tips and tricks and apply them to your plate so that you can fuel your body for success! The final Leading a Healthy Lifestyle article will discuss the benefits of taking care of your mental and physical health. It’s not just about how much you move and what you eat. Keeping up a healthy lifestyle also means taking care of your body and mind!

Warrior Packs delivers approachable, results-oriented fitness camps to Calgarians

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 4, 2016 CALGARY, ALBERTA – Warrior Packs, a Calgary-based fitness company, is committed to helping people of all physical capabilities achieve their goals through team inspired workouts that are designed to improve overall health, while enjoying a friendly atmosphere. Tailored for busy professionals and parents, Warrior Packs offers a wide-ranging schedule of 60 and 90-minute indoor and outdoor sessions that are scaled to individual abilities for guaranteed full-body conditioning. Each session is custom planned by skilled coaches who incorporate a variety of cardio, core and resistance circuit training to keep the workouts fresh and to eliminate plateauing results. “Speaking from my own experience of yoyo fitness and dieting over the years, I know how important it is to find a fitness regime that has longevity and that is actually enjoyable,” says Arlene Reid, CEO of Warrior Packs. “With Warrior Packs you get a brand new routine with every workout, leading to optimal overall physical fitness, high engagement and the thrill of achieving personal results amongst a group of supportive peers.” Warrior Packs is built on the philosophy that working out as a group has significantly more benefits than working out individually, which is why each of its coaches is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and encouragement. The coaches also work with individual members to understand any physical limitations and to ensure that they can still achieve fitness results. “Warrior Packs’ outdoor sessions are highly addictive because of how much variety there is in the exercises and in the equipment we use,” says Cory Houston, who joined Warrior Packs in May. “I haven’t felt this physically and mentally fit from any other fitness routine I’ve tried and the most motivating part is that there are people in the classes from all walks of life, cheering each other on and wanting to see each other succeed.” To encourage Calgarians to achieve their fitness goals in an environment that is fun, supportive and accessible for everyone, Warrior Packs is giving away complimentary 7 – day passes. Visit us at http://warriorpacks.ca/free-pass/ to claim your pass. About Warrior Packs Established in 2010, Warrior Packs is targeted at improved total-body conditioning, high caloric burn, improved muscle endurance, strength and power, improved agility and coordination, improved speed, the chance to work with and get familiar with different types of equipment, and the stimulating social aspect of the energy of group training, in which members receive the special attention of personal training. The Warrior Packs Mission: Getting healthy is about having fun and building a sense of community. Warrior Packs creates a fun and engaging environment for people to participate in physical activity. We work in a team environment and create a sense of community as people reach their individual and team goals. Learn more at www.warriorpacks.ca Warrior Packs Founder and media contact: Arlene Reid amreid@warriorpacks.ca (403) 462-5807

Wake up, Work out, DONE!

Our 60 and 90 minute sessions focus on an ever-changing mix of endurance, agility and strength to keep the body guessing. Along with using your own body weight and the park surroundings, we incorporate Warrior Packs (sandbags), heavy poles, circuits, drills, obstacle courses and brain games to keep workouts challenging and fun. All sessions are led by our qualified instructors. If you live in SW or NW Calgary you will benefit from the convenient, beautiful location of Edworthy Park. We meet at Edworthy Park NW (Across the bridge from Angels Café) the last Friday of each session at 5:30AM and 6:00AM. Just bring water, a positive attitude and a friend or two! All fitness levels are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Please register at our site www.warriorpacks/classes/ and use code: meetup. Can't wait to Meetup!

Register early to save your spot!

We just wrapped up the August round of Warrior Packs and if you took part here’s a quick note to say thank you! You see, most people never bother to get in shape and if you’ve made a commitment to health and fitness then congratulations. The main reason most people never get off the couch is because of PROCRASTINATION. They just keep putting it off, and this is why the first step really the hardest. You’ll know this because you took that step and signed up for our August boot camp. But guess what? Even more important than taking the first step is keeping up the momentum. It’s not enough to start and then stop, you have to keep going. If what I’ve just said makes sense (and you want to keep the momentum going) then sign up for our September boot camp? Each one you attend takes you another step closer to achieving your fitness goals. Plus you’ll get to see the warriors you met last month and have more fun getting stronger together. Boot camp starts on September 5th (This Monday). REGISTER at warriorpacks.ca/classes/ Yours in health and fitness, Warrior Packs Team. www.warriorpacks.ca info@warriorpacks.ca 403 462-5807

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle: Making Exercise Important

There are three key components of living an overall healthy life: an exercise regimen, proper diet and nutrition intake, and mental and physical well-being. This initial article on the trilogy of Leading a Healthy Lifestyle will focus on your exercise regime. Whether you are a veteran exercise enthusiast or new to an exercise program there are a few comfortable and motivational options to stay current in your exercise routine. Routine is the most important part of exercise. There are many of us out there that are really great about exercising three to four days per week for a while and then life happens. Things get in the way that interrupt your ability to make time for yourself. You have kids, a new puppy, a job, friends and family, you want to have a life! How is it even possible to fit exercise in? It’s definitely possible! Even more so it’s about making that little bit of time you are able to carve out for exercise count. Here are three effective methods of getting your exercise into your schedule: Personal Training Personal training as a form of routine exercise has a few positive attributes. First, you are held accountable. Your trainer will hold you accountable for showing up to workout. Most likely, you’ve also paid for training upfront. If you have already paid for a program then you want to get what you’ve paid for, right? In addition, they are typically more flexible to your schedule. They are likely to be able to meet with you early in the morning before work or at night after work. Personal trainers are knowledgeable and understand specific needs of individuals. This means your workout will be tailored to your needs without having to do your own research. Personal trainers can take away much of the added stress many experience in planning their own workouts. The downside to personal training is that personal trainers typically work out of fitness centers. If working out in the gym is not your scene personal training could make you feel even more uncomfortable and less motivated. They typically don’t bring training outdoors, which is unfortunate particularly in the spring and summer when the weather is nice enough to be outside. While a trainer is meant to hold you accountable, personal training could actually inhibit you from exercising. Although they are more flexible in their scheduling they probably have additional clients with similar schedules to yours. If you cancel a session it may prove difficult to reschedule due to conflicts with other clients, thus acting as a barrier to exercise. You are working one-on-one, this is considered a con as much as it is a pro. While you will have tailored workouts working on-on-one can be uncomfortable for some people. The focus is on you and you alone. If you don’t like “small talk” or someone hovering over you then personal training may not be for you. The “At Home Gym” These days there exist a plethora of ways to exercise from home. From workout DVD’s, to YouTube channels, quick posts on Instagram, blogs and Facebook pages, trainers and exercise fanatics alike are finding ways to reach out to you. The ability to work out from home is a positive choice in a few of ways. First, it’s the epitome of convenience. If you can make some space in your living room, or go outside why not bring exercise to your home? It also makes exercising regularly a bit more attainable especially when you have very little time to get a workout in. Finally, you can choose your entire workout. You can tailor it to what you prefer to do rather than forcing yourself to complete something you don’t enjoy. In this way you know the workout will be something you will like. While exercising at home offers you a way to workout in your spare time from the comfort of home there are a few things to be aware of. There is no one guiding you through a workout to help make adjustments as you go or offer you encouragement in person. Many people need someone next to them to push them along in the workout. Otherwise you can quit and who would know? You also have to be careful with the outlets you trust. Some people who post their workouts on social media don’t explain to you proper form, modifications, or understand what type of workout is best for you. While exercising from home is a great alternative when you cannot get to a gym and only have 30 minutes to exercise, it’s important to keep the following in mind:
  • Exercise to your level only! Just because you see someone in a video doing it doesn’t mean you can do it to.
  • Try to choose workouts with examples proper form and modifications.
  • Make sure the instructor you’re following is certified through an accredited association.
In addition to potentially being unsafe, there is a lack of the accountability that you find when exercising with others. When exercising at home the free (or paid for) workout plans through social media may not be very effective either. In which case, you might as well have paid for professionally guided training sessions. Group Training The benefits of group training greatly align with the benefits associated with personal training, but there are even more advantages. You are held accountable by your instructor, or trainer. It may not seem like they notice you working out in the back of the group, but they do. In addition to the instructor you will meet people in the group training environment who will hold you accountable for coming to class. If you’ve ever missed a group session then you’ve heard the questions: “where were you last week?” “Is everything okay? You missed class last week.” “Are you sick because you weren’t here last time?” While your training mates will never judge you for missing class they will express concern and make sure you show up in the future. Comradery becomes the new normal. Group training creates a bond between participants that cannot be broken. And although group training session times are typically set in stone, meaning they cannot be adjusted to your schedule, they are offered at a variety of times during the day before and after work. Warrior Packs makes Believe, Instinct, and Excel classes available before and after work, and also during the lunch hour. Although you don’t get to create your own workout and it may not be tailored to you specifically, group fitness classes are adjusted for everyone in the class. Modifications and safety cues are provided by trainers to provide you with a safe and effective workout. Warrior Packs trainers do an exceptional job of ensuring every participant receives the attention they need to have a fun and effective workout experience. Just like you have to pay for a trainer, you also pay for group fitness sessions. However, they are typically more realistic in price and you won’t run the risk of paying for sessions that may never happen. Warrior Packs classes are offered at a variety of times during the day year round. The sessions occur on a regularly scheduled basis for your convenience. Most likely group fitness classes are held in a fitness center. If you are intimidated by fitness centers and gyms group training can be a daunting idea. Warrior Packs group training classes are also held outside of the fitness center. These group training classes teach participants how to exercise beyond the walls of the gym. Forget About Weight Loss Those who intentionally lead healthy lifestyles incorporating regular exercise aren’t trying to lose those last 15 pounds. They simply want to be healthy. Research shows that a regular exercise regimen has proven to reduce cancer, improve digestive health, prevent and/or manage Type 2 Diabetes, build healthy bones and maintain organs, and keep a sharper mind. Exercise has also proven to reduce stress and anger, contribute to better interpersonal relationships, help with sleep, and develop your ability to think more clearly. Forget about losing weight! Think of the additional benefits of exercise for your body. What most people don’t realize is that leading a healthy lifestyle is less about losing weight and appearance and more about being able to live. What does it mean “able to live?” The ability to live is doing things you want to do and being able to do them for as longs as you can. As you age your body will let you know that you can’t go running anymore, or that you can no longer enjoy those long hikes or working in the garden. Those things are important. Maintaining an exercise regimen will assist in disciplining your mind and body to condition for age. Treat your body well by moving and your body will allow you to live a full, happy and healthy life in return. Stay tuned for part two of Leading a Healthy Lifestyle, which will discuss the healthy eating habits and offer great alternatives to “healthify” some of your favorite recipes!

Kick it Into Gear: How to Awaken the Warrior Within

We’ve all experienced that daunting feeling before venturing into the gym to workout. Even the most dedicated of exercise enthusiasts suffers from a lack of motivation to wake up early to get that workout in, or stop by on their way home from work. Some people require very little inspiration to exercise, while others need it every day. You aren’t the only person who struggles to make it to the gym. There are many ways that people stay motivated to exercise that could potentially help you. Early Bird or Night Owl? First things first. You need to select a time of day where you are the most motivated to exercise. Those of you who are morning people might find that you have the most energy to dedicate to exercise in the morning, whereas night owls may find their prime time to get moving is at night. At Warrior Packs we try to provide a variety of classes in both the morning and night to ensure that everyone has an option that works for their schedule. Pack a Bag Packing your workout clothes or setting them out the night before you go to bed creates some accountability. How could you ignore the bag of gym clothes sitting beside you at your desk in the office? You can’t! Build that into your routine if you are the type of warrior that chooses to exercise at night. Setting your clothes out and packing a bag for a shower and work clothes the night before creates a hassle free, no excuses morning for those early risers. One of the biggest challenges is actually going and many people won’t take the few extra minutes needed to prepare the night before. Take the hassle out of it and you remove the barrier. Stay Realistic Set realistic expectations. Stay truthful to yourself about how much and when you can exercise and you will go back for more. While you might want to choose the most difficult class and come seven days a week your body might not be able to handle it. That’s why Warrior Packs offers three different levels of classes; Believe, Excel and Instinct; to meet the needs of every Warrior looking to maintain an exercise regimen. If you are new to exercise start with the Believe program to get started and increase your sessions as exercise becomes more of a staple in your life. Plan Ahead Plan your workout ahead of time. Whether you choose to participate in one of the challenging Warrior Pack classes or you exercise on your own, take the time to plan it out. Many of us don’t exercise because we don’t want to think about it. Take the thinking out of it by going to a Warrior Pack class, or creating your workout program ahead of time. Then all you have to do is follow the program. Make it a Date Exercise with others! The gym can be a friendly place once you get past all of the fancy equipment. If you don’t have a friend to go with you try to meet other people at group fitness classes. If you do have someone to go with you make a standing date to meet at the workout together. This will help pass the time, make your workout more entertaining and you can push each other. Dress for You Although it may seem silly, what you choose to wear to exercise can also impact your workout performance. Wearing tight restrictive clothing or excessively loose, baggy clothing can impair your ability to participate in exercise effectively. Wearing the right clothes can also put you in the right mental state to exercise. Wear something that you are comfortable moving around in. If you are constantly focused on how the clothes look and feel, rather than how much you’re sweating, you are less likely to enjoy exercise and continue to return to the gym. Forget about the clothes and focus on you! Eat and Drink One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you exercise regularly or are returning to an exercise program is to skip meals and not drink enough water. If you are a morning warrior it’s important to eat something prior to your workout. Some good examples are bananas, apples, nut butter, or whole grain toast. Make sure to drink some water prior to exercise and during. Then continue to hydrate throughout the day, especially in the hour post exercise. For those who exercise during the day you should follow the same rules and it’s always important to follow up exercise with a good meal with a balance of fruit, vegetables and proteins. Reward Yourself! Your first thought might have been to reward yourself with a big donut or cheeseburger, but it’s not that kind of reward. Think about something you really want, like a new pair of shoes, to take a trip, or a Fitbit. Once you choose something that you’ve been desiring make that your reward. After you set your expectations and goals, choose a reward, work hard to meet it and if you do go get those shoes! If that doesn’t work try choosing a different reward next time that might be more motivating. Be Positive Staying positive is the most difficult part of an exercise regime. There will be times when you feel like you aren’t making progress. You may feel defeated or challenged beyond your comfort zone. It’s important to remember that every bit of effort no matter how small counts toward your greater goal: to live a healthier lifestyle. By taking the steps to engage in a regular exercise program staying positive will become easier. There are a variety of methods to stay motivated to exercise. Whether you choose to exercise with the Warrior Pack or on your own try to remove those barriers to exercise. Working out with Warrior Pack fitness classes will help those of you who need that push! Contact us today to get started.