Warrior Packs is excited to announce that we are diving into the world of running! For the first time ever we are offering “Run Right,” a program dedicated to helping you learn to run better, faster, and smarter. Whether you are running for overall fitness or preparing for a race, Warrior Packs has a program to meet your needs. Learn to Run Beginning a running program can be daunting, which is why Warrior Packs came up with our “Learn to Run” portion of “Run Right.” For some, running feels natural and comes easily. For others, running requires technique and training just to get started. Participants will learn techniques to help them prepare for running, helpful movements to maintain throughout running, and how to cool your body down post run. Learning to run requires dedication and a commitment to yourself, and your body, and a refusal to give up. “Learn to Run” will equip you with tools to help stay motivated to run. 5 - 10KM Preparing for a 5 or 10KM race is a completely different running experience. This is why we are offering a separate class for those interested in running 5KM-10KM’s races. Typically, race preparation begins about six to ten weeks prior to the running event. Warrior Packs is offering to help you prepare for 5k and 10k races today. We will start with many of the simple techniques learned in “Learn to Run,” but will quickly expand to include running on different terrain and conditions. It’s better than a race training plan because you are training with other people, and with trainers full of helpful knowledge. We will help build you up by the time your race date arrives. Half to Full Marathon Much like you would prepare for a 5k-10k, half and full marathons require even more practice and dedication. A Half Marathon is a total of 21KM's, and a Full Marathon or almost 42KM's. If you’re preparing for a Half or Full Marathon you may already be regretting your choice to participate. 42 Kilometres is a long way to go, especially when you’re running so many kilometres in preparation. This is why Warrior Packs also provides training for Full and Half Marathons because they only way to help pass the time is to do it with others. Extra focus will be placed on running for distance, and less on duration. Half and Full Marathon training programs should be started 12+ weeks prior to the race date, so if you intend to sign up for a Half or Full Marathon, contact Warrior Packs today. Ultra An Ultra is not your typical race. Although it involves running for a long distance, it also includes a series of natural obstacles, like creeks and bogs, branches and trees, the potential for inclement weather an big angry furry animals :) This year, Warrior Packs is sponsoring the Sinister 7 Ultra and will provide training for those preparing for the race. Warrior Packs’ outdoor program will help prepare race participants for those upcoming weather conditions. Our cross training method of incorporating running and strength fitness will prepare you to take on the Sinister 7 Ultra by storm! It doesn’t matter where you are in your training program, or whether you are even training for anything. If you are ready to start running today, Warrior Packs will help you get there.